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restricted by her draught(吃水受限)


Hampered Vessel(運轉能力受限制之船舶)


atmospheric pressure in your position(大氣壓)


barometric change(氣壓)


emergency steering procedures


watertight door


telegraph orders(俥令)


fog bank




feeder vessel(接駁船)







container terminal


dual purpose nozzles(雙用噴嘴)


fill up fuel


the vessel has no imminent danger


controllable or fix pitch propeller(可變/固定螺距)


angle of loll(惰性角)


emitting harmful substances into the air or spilling oil into the sea


evacuate all rooms(撤空)


portable extinguishers properly located in


use absorbents(吸收劑)for the spillage.


the ship needs fumigation


in any respect(在任何方面)


The echo generated.


bon voyage


Sea Protest(海事報告)


traffic separation scheme (TSS)(分道通航制)


Vessel was labouring(費力前進)in heavy weather.


12 hours gale warning valid from 0715040600 UTC: 0600 UTC, Jul 15th, 2004


ETD: Estimated time of departure

ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival

ETC: Estimated Time of Completion

ETR: Estimated Time of Readiness預計準備完成時間)

TEU: Twenty foot Equivalent Unit.

F. W. E.: When finish with wheel, no more steering or power is required.

C.F.S.: Container Freight Station貨櫃集散站)

SWL: used for crane maximum load



Visibility is expected to be variable between 1 to 3 nautical miles.


The sounding of ballast.(測深)


Hold on to your seat.


Alter course to 120.


Stripping(掃艙) means final pumping of tank’s residues.


Leaking means a minor inflow of seawater into the vessel due to damage to the hull.


Shackle is an U-shaped link.


Receiving point means a mark or place at which a vessel comes under obligatory entry,

transit, or escort procedure.


The EBB TIDE means: The tide is falling from high water to low water.


Backing (of wind) means shift of wind direction in an anticlockwise manner.


Datum means the plane of reference to which all data as to the depth on charts are referenced.


Give way means to keep off of the way of another vessel.


Inert to means to reduce the oxygen in an oil tank by inert gas to avoid an explosive atmosphere.


Moor means to secure a vessel in a particular place by means of wires or ropes made fast to the shore.


Spill means the accidental escape of oil.


Leeway means vessel’s sideways drift leeward(向下風)of the desired course.


Rendez-vous means an appointment(約定)between vessels normally made on radio

to meet in a certain area or position.


Stand by(to)means to be in readiness.(準備完成)


“Anchor aweigh” means: at the moment that anchor leaves the ground.


Preventers means ropes or wires attached to derricks to prevent them from swinging during

cargo handling operations.


「ETA / pilot reverting」means:ETA pilot station will be given afterwards.


Oil clearance means oil skimming from the surface of the water.


“Not under command”(NUC)(操縱失靈)means a vessel which through unexceptional circumstances

is unable to manoeuvre as required by the COLREGS.


List means inclination of the vessel to port side or starboard side.


Walk back(to)means to reverse the action of a windlass to ease the cable(of anchors).


Dredging(of anchor) means moving of an anchor over the sea bottom to control the movement of the vessel.


Wreak means a vessel which has been destroyed, sunk or abandoned at sea.


Derelict(被遺棄的船仍在海上漂泊)means vessel still afloat, abandoned at sea.


The word “underway” means that a vessel is not at anchor, or made fast to the shore, or aground.


Bob-cat means a mini-caterpillar(小型履帶牽引機)with push-blade(推葉)used for the careful

distribution of loose goods in cargo holds of bulk carriers.


Clean Bill of Lading(清潔提單)means a receipt for goods issued by a carrier with an indication

that the goods were received in apparent good order and condition.


Foul (of propeller) means a line, wire, net, etc., is wound round the propeller.


Traffic lane means an area within defined limits in which one-way traffic is established.


Beach means to run a vessel up on a beach.


the temperature of an air mass decreases, the relative humidity increases the temperature of an

 airmass increases, the relative humidity decreases


Tug services have been suspended until 0200 UTC.(暫時取消)


The following event has been made in the Deck Log Book. “1000~1100 Master together with C/O and C/E

carried out weekly sanitary(公共衛生)inspection.


The most important consideration for a tank vessel isthe stress on the hull.


For anchor operation, “up and down” means: the chain is upright.(錨鏈垂直)


“Single up” normally be used for:mooring lines.


Please take command of search and rescue.


Recommends Governments to give the IMO Standard Marine Communication Phases a wide circulation to all

 prospective users.


Stowage Factor of any commodity is the figure which expresses the number of cubic feet which a ton of

 2240 lbs will occupy in stowage.


What is the purpose of 「MUSTER LIST」:Emergency and contingency.(意外事故)


The following signals are distress signals exceptBasket hanging in the rigging.


If your ship is portside alongside with a spring line led aft from bow in calm weather,puttingthe

engine ahead with the rudder hard port should bring the bow in and the stern out.


In practice, cargo hold bilge should be sounded twice daily if there is no special instruction.


Admiralty “Notice to Mariner” is published weekly, you should correct your chart and publications

 accordingly when received.


You must proceed by the fairway.


Third Officer, please check the completeness and availability of the occupational safety equipment.


A radio medical advice service is available for ships of all nationalities.


In practice, the container loading and discharging plan is made by: terminal operator.


Are fork- lift trucks for the cargo holds available?


A lookout person can leave his station only when properly releaved.(接班)


Finished with wheel, no more steering.


The vessel is 1 meter down by the head.


There is no reason to panic(驚慌).


The port of sailing means: the port of departure.


The Mate’s receipt was remarked “N/R”for loss of contents.


When the visibility is reduced to about 5 miles, in practice, we say that visibility is moderate.


Who should execute the ship board security planSSO.


Your course is deviating(脫離)from the RADAR reference line.


Your navigation light are not visible.


There are 4“Cardinal points”remarked in the compass.


Monsoons(季風) are characterized by steady winds that revise direction semiannually.


How should you signal the crane operator to RAISE the boom(吊桿)?

Extend arm with fingers closed and point thumb upward.

How should you signal the crane operator to LOWER the boom

With arm extended and fingers closed, point thumb downward.

How should you signal the crane operator to STOP in an emergency?

Extend arm and move hand rapidly right and left with the palm down.


Lifeboat station is a place assigned to crew and passengers where they must gather before being ordered

into lifeboats.


According to my radar, your course does not comply with Rule 10 of the COLREGS.


What is the advance and transfer distances in a crash-stop?


Use of IMO SMCP should be made as often as possible in preference to other wording of similar meaning.


Brief, violent showers(陣雨)frequently accompanied by thunder(雷聲) and lighting is usually

associated passage of a cold front.


Rig the accommodation ladder(舷梯)in combination with the pilot ladder.


Rig the pilot ladder alongside hoist.


“Gross Tonnage”was measured by space-100 cubic feet per tonnage.


Keep sharp lookout for people in water.


Odorous cargos(氣味)are those that give off (發散)fumes that may damage other cargo.


Area around port entrance temporarily closed for navigation.


Close-coupled towing means a method of towing vessels through polar ice by means of

icebreaking tugs with a special stern notch suited to received and hold the bow of the

vessel to be towed.


When a vessel rests on the shore or when she touches hard ground, the vessel is termed aground.


How is the intensity of a light expressed in the light list? Nominal range.(公稱光程)


For ship operation safety, proper number of crewmember shall be put on board. What document stipulated

 the required number and rank clearlyMinimum safe manning certificate.


At assembly station one of the officers will perform a roll call(點名).


You must be very careful when heard “LOF” from VHF, because it may concern with

salvage operation救難作業)request to your ship.


The communication cost of Inmarsat-B “FAX” was charged by air time by unit: second in ordinary case.


Not until 1900 will PSC staff complete the ship security inspection. It means:

the ship security inspection can not finish before 1900.


Union purchase(起重)means a method of cargo handling by combining two derricks, one is fixed over the

hatch, the other over the ship’s side.


A drill will be held to let the passengers familiarize(熟悉)with their assembly station, with their

life-saving equipment and with emergency procedures.


The IMO SMCP meets(符合)the requirements of the STCW Convention, 1978, as revised.


Located a vessel dumping(傾倒)waste in position near the port entrance.


What is “Speed made good”? The speed related to the ground.


Take off (to


The abbreviation “RYC” in marine Telex, usually stands for: receiving your message.


Which of the following orders is unusually used for damage control drill ? Let go sea anchor and report.


Discipline(紀律)in liferaft is of vital importance, and therefore strictly obey all instructions given

 by officers.


You are obstructing other traffic.


The following event has been made in the Deck Log Book. “1136 . All made fast andship’s port side

alongside at pier no.5.First line ashore.


Keep clear of this area search and rescue in progress.


Speed of advance:The speed at which a storm centre moves.


Fairway speed means the mandatory(強制性)speed in a fairway.


Scene:The area or location where the event, e.g. an accident has happened.


Convoy(護送、護衛):A group of vessel which sail together, e.g. through a canal or ice.


Deck Log Book: an error has been made in the log, a thwart line(橫線) should be drawn on the parts


Veer out (to)(of anchors):To let out a greater length of cable.


Who is NOT the member of public affairs of the boarding party when ship arrival? Class surveyor.


The depth of water is not sufficient in position 30°N 130°E.


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